Our Mental Health is more important than our grade.

✍️  Binisha Panthee

Little Angles School

One exam or low marks shouldn’t take away my
dream or my talents. Everybody have their strong
points and weakness. Albert Einstein said
“Everybody is a genius but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb tree, it will spend its whole life
believing that it is stupid.” Just like that there is an artist who does not needs to understand math, there is an entrepreneur who does not care about history or english literature, there is a musician whose chemistry marks won’t matter and there is a sports person whose physical fitness is more important than their grade in physics. In school grades and exams are everything but in life grade and exams are temporary but education is permanent . Our grade aren’t same because our minds aren’t same, everyone learns differently yet they were taught exactly the same but our school or education system never realizes it. We spend a lot of time on theoretical and tactical not enough time on creative and practical .

The history I learned in class does not define my
future. Most of us know how to do multiple choices, but we struggle to make decision. We know how to analyze a poet’s voice, but we can’t express ourselves with precision. We learnt how to draw, but not appreciate art. We learned about the cells in plants but not about sources of our food. We learned about brain, but not about mental health.We need character but we focus on caliber .

We need values, but we are forced to focus on algebra. What if we studied more about Pythagoras and not just his theorem? What if we learned about compassion and not just the compass? What if we didn’t just learn how to read, but how to apply it?

Life is the most difficult exam. The real test we
will face in life are rejection, dealing with failure,
having to start from scratch, things not going in our way .At school we get the lesson first and test after, but in life we get test first and the lesson after .Don’t be limited by the society. Your path is unique, don’t trade it for less.

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