Health Sector Response to Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)

Health Sector Response to Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Tuesday | 20 Falgun 2076 (03 March 2020), Government of Nepal, Ministry of Health and Population


The first case of COVID-19 was reported from Hubei Province of China on 31 December 2019. Till 02 March 2020, a total of 88948 people has been confirmed of COVID-19 and it has taken life of 3043 people including 128 deaths outside China. This disease has spread over 64 countries outside China.

Current Global status on COVID-19



Cumulative as of 02 March


New cases on
01 Mar 02 Mar
Confirmed 88948 1739 1804
Deaths 3043 53 66
China (Includes Hong Kong SAR, Macao SAR and Taipei and environs)
Confirmed 80174 579 206
Deaths 2915 35 42
Outside China
Confirmed 8774 1160 1598
Deaths 128 18 24
Confirmed cases by selected countries of concern
Republic of Korea 4212 586 476
Thailand 42 0 0
Malaysia 24 0 0
Singapore 106 4 4
Japan 254 9 15
Italy 1689 240 561
Iran (Islamic Republic of) 978 205 385
Countries reporting COVID- 19 cases  



(Azerbaijan, Ecuador, Ireland, Monaco and Qatar)


(Armenia, Czechia, Dominican Republic, Luxembourg, Iceland, and Indonesia)

Source:  WHO’s Situation Report #41 and #42

Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC) has been declared on 30 January 2020; however, restriction in international traffic and trade is not recommended.

 Current status on COVID-19, Nepal   (*as of 03 March 2020, 16:00)

International Travel Notice for COVID-19:


  1. Unless very urgent Nepalese citizens are requested not to travel to highly affected countries (China, Republic of Korea, Iran, Italy and Japan) by COVID-19.
  2. International travelers coming from highly affected countries (China, Republic of Korea, Iran, Italy and Japan) or coming transit via highly affected countries are requested to provide COVID-19 free certificate at TIA immigration.
  3. Health desk will be established per international standard at main checkpoints (Pashupatinagar, Kakarbhitta, Jogbani, Jayanagar, Raksual, Sunauli, Jamunaha, and Gaddachauki) with the India and Indian citizens ground crossing through those main  checkpoints will be screened for COVID-19.
  4. Until further notice, the third country national traveling Nepal by ground crossing shall travel only through Kakarbhitta, Jogbani, Raksual, Sunauli, Jamunaha and Gaddachauki checkpoints and their Visa will be issued only after screening for COVID-19.
  5. Nepalese citizens travelling from or through COVID-19 high-risk and affected countries should go under home quarantine for 14 days.
  6. All promotional activities related to the Visit Nepal 2020 planned at international level have been postponed until further notice.
  7. Sagarmatha Sambad (Global Dialogue Forum) planned to be organized by Nepal on April 2020 has been post ponded. Similarly, other international meeting and conferences scheduled to be organized by Nepal has been postponed.
  8. Private and non-government organizations have been requested to postpone any international meetings scheduled to be organized in Nepal.
  9. On Arrival Visa for travelers coming from COVID-19 highly affected countries (China, South Korea, Iran, Italy and Japan) will be suspended from 10 March 2020 till


Negative:     Positive:

432        1**

next notice. Travelers from these countries are requested to get the visa through Nepali  Missions abroad after completing needful process.

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*This includes 24 hours and 14-day samples of 175 quarantined Nepali citizens tested on 16 February  2020  and  29  February  2020;  Seven  Health  and  Hygiene  staffs  mobilized    at



quarantine site and 18 samples of the crew members tested on 29 February 2020.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 


**Note: The positive case is now recovered as per the laboratory test result of 29 and 31 January 2020 at National Public Health Laboratory, Teku


COVID-19 Hotline:  Public  concerns  regarding COVID-

19 are being addressed via 3 hotlines (9851255839, 9851255837, 9851255834) from 8:00 to 20:00 hrs.


Mobile based SMS

NHEICC has been circulating health service  awareness

Additional resources on COVID-19 can be accessed via MoHP/HEOC or EDCD Web Portals/ Social Media Page.

Kindly click the link below for detail resources and information.


“Ministry of Health and Population acknowledges and appreciates the support received from all the health authorities and partners for the health sector responses”


message on COVID-19 via Nepal Telecom, NCELL and Smart Cell.


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